Borderlines Image 4

Borderlines – Retrospective Exhibition

Black and white photographs 1994-2007

All the images in this exhibition are titled “Borderlines”. It explores the relationship between socio-psychological spaces where you walk on one spatial plane unable to cross over into other realms of the physical, meta-physical and psychological. The images may differ in terms of location, year, initial subject matter, but all explore the theme of borders, that demarcated line between one thing and another, whether psychologically or spatially. How we present ourselves, what paths we do or do not take, how we willingly follow a simple border made of rope. Internal worlds may be carefully guarded. Most of us, we follow implicit and explicit rules and behavioral patterns. Some of us break through that. And peer over into the unknown, the unseen, the unknown. While I was always one to be curious and explore areas we were not supposed to, I was very guarded in terms of my internal world.

In 2006, I participated in a photography class. My tutor made a comment that resulted in this exhibition over ten years later. She mentioned that in all my photographs, there was a division, a border, either hinted at, or physically displayed. She was curious as to what led to this and I had no answer or at least not one that I was willing to share. These images, apart from a couple, have not been shown in public before, as I deemed some of as them too personal, too close, too intense and was not prepared to overstep that invisible boundary. Instead I focused on photo-documentaries, where I was able to take a step away from the personal and focus on others and their stories, which was very eye-opening and very fulfilling. It has been quite some time since I stepped foot into a dark room, the aroma of the photo chemicals filling the air. A lot of time has passed since the most recent image in this series was created and thus it was time to leap.

Please enquire about sales. The originals that are hanging are not available for sale, but copies in most cases can be made.

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